Revamped: Shopify Online Store 2.0


E-commerce is continuously gaining traction and is termed a highly lucrative business by top business people. As a future-thinking entrepreneur, it makes perfect sense to learn the ropes and join the illustrious field.

Bad credit business loan consultant Mark Stewart of Wizard Finance agrees with this sentiment wholeheartedly. He said, “E-commerce platforms like Shopify have the potential to change how merchants sell and consumers shop. It’s a platform that can drastically change your business’s operations for the better— a great place to expand and soar to greater heights.”

With that, it’s safe to assume the continued growth of e-commerce in the year 2023. Considering such assumptions, the revamped: Shopify Online Store 2.0 offers many benefits that are sure to draw in entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

What’s New With Shopify Online Store 2.0?

As Shopify debuts Online Store 2.0, changes are bound to happen in the game. Here’s what can be expected on the site.

Themes And The Online Editor

Shopify 2.0 introduced a new theme architecture that was designed with ease of access in mind. The new architecture is supposed to make customisation more straightforward and more flexible for merchants.

The e-commerce giant has added sections on every page that allows for more customisation and a more effortless customer experience. Shopify cares for consumers and sellers alike!

The theme editor has also gone through significant changes to make customisation a breeze. The display is now far more intuitive and easier to use compared to the old one.
The editor also features a brand new Liquid input setting. The Liquid setting relieves the pressure of having to change the code of a theme manually. With this functionality, merchants can now make changes to their storefront without relying on a developer.

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