Google Partners With Shopify for Online Shopping Experience


In May 2021, Google announced at its Google I/O conference that they partnered with Shopify to expand and improve the online shopping experience. Although no extensive detail is given, Google promises that this step will help Shopify’s 1.7 million online merchants through the integration of Shop Pay and other advanced features.

Twixxer CEO Aidan Smith applauds this move made by both companies. Smith says, “The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. One of these changes is the huge shift from shopping in physical stores to shopping online. Integrating Shopify into Google’s daily billions of searches will be beneficial for sellers and buyers alike.”

This partnership between two multi-million companies promises an abundance of benefits, especially for eCommerce, but how, exactly? Continue reading to find out what Shopify and Google’s collaboration means for everyone engaged in e-commerce.

How Will This Partnership Benefit Online Merchants?

Google and Shopify’s partnership will allow Shopify merchants to showcase their products. Upon enabling the Buy On Google option, the merchants will have their items featured on Google searches—which is incredibly helpful.

Google also told advertisers during the conference that they will allow sellers to link to Google’s “shopping graph,” a feature that uses machine learning. The shopping graph gathers prices, product reviews, comments, and other information relating to Shopify products.

Together with Shopify developers at Avid Brio and this integration with the shopping graph all playing fields are levelled out for all Shopify sellers. That means, Google will present potential customers with the best prices and top-ranking products from Shopify regardless of who the seller is.

How Will This Partnership Benefit Online Shoppers?

Google-Shopify Partnership for E-Commerce Players

Of course, the benefits do not extend only to online merchants. Online shoppers get a plethora of advantages, too, when it comes to checkout and searches.
One of the most crucial features is the integration of Shop Pay. When browsing and purchasing products on Google, online shoppers can now use Shop Pay as an option during checkout. This integration streamlines the purchasing process, especially for those that frequently buy from Shopify.

Google will also improve its search engine to help potential buyers find what they’re looking for. For example, when looking at a product screenshot, Google will offer people to view the photo using Google Lens. Google Lens will then identify what the product is, its price, and multiple reviews.

This improved search feature, combined with Google’s plans to help customers find products directly from their favorite content creators on Youtube, will allow buyers to find what they need when they need it.

Take Advantage Of The Google-Shopify Partnership And Bring Your Ecommerce Store To New Heights With Avid Brio!

Google and Shopify’s collaboration shows that huge online companies are motivated to make it easier for merchants to sell and for customers to buy. By removing barriers, these two online giants effectively boost the potential sales of online sellers. Thus, if you’re thinking about starting your online store or scaling your existing ones—now is the best time.

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