Benefits of Migrating to Shopify


Shopify is one the most prominent eCommerce platforms of today. Last year, they announced that over 175 businesses are using their engine—including big brands like Pepsi and Staples.

But should you also migrate to Shopify?

“Site migration is a serious step for any business because it affects your entire business. It will affect the structure, design, content, and user experience. Fortunately, Shopify migration is uncomplicated, and you can go back to business-as-usual right away.”, shares Noah Tran, marketing specialist for Novalease.

We know it’s a huge decision. That’s why we’ve listed down some of the Shopify perks you might consider.


Shopify servers have an average uptime rate of 99.8%, which is excellent. The platform also provides unlimited bandwidth to ease traffic. Plus, they have a team of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to maintenance. Because of this, Shopify users enjoy peace of mind knowing that their online store is running smoothly.


Building a business website used to be very costly—from custom domain, hosting fee, web development, design, etc.

Shopify offers the most cost-effective way to run your business online. Even if your hire developers and designers, it’s still cheaper than custom build websites.
To those who would like to test the waters first, Shopify offers a 90-day free trial. Then, if you’re satisfied with the service, you may proceed with as little as USD 29/month. In addition, there are three business plans available for different business size. The benefits are laid out clearly to quickly determine which plans suits the current needs of your business.

Even with massive data, Shopify migration doesn’t take too long. Check out these store migration considerations to ensure a smooth process.



What’s the point of having a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website if no one knows about it?
Fortunately, Shopify has a Marketing function that you can easily integrate into your website. For example, it can send targeted emails and SMS to potential customers. You can also automate campaigns to display ads on Google for a prospective audience.

The Analytics function can provide advanced data that shows many unique visitors, returning customers, and conversation. It can even tell you the average length of time customers stay on your website.

The platforms also allow you to conduct SEO activities such as adding image alt text, URLs, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. There is no doubt that Shopify makes it easy for beginners to navigate marketing strategies.


One of the most annoying things in this world is surprise charges. But don’t worry because you won’t experience this with Shopify.
The platform is 100% transparent with its pricing plans. There are no miscellaneous fees or any other charges.

Shopify offers entrepreneurs to build a robust eCommerce store at a more affordable price. Additionally, they also make it easy to set up a website. So, it’s understandable that you still have qualms about migrating to a new platform.

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