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The website was originally built on BigCommerce's outdated Blueprint framework, which limited customization, functionality, and overall performance. To address these challenges and future-proof their ecommerce platform, SL Shop Parts Store partnered with the Avid Brio team to migrate to the advanced Stencil theme engine on BigCommerce.

Service & Technology:

Theme Customization

Data Migration

Mobile Optimization

Mega Menu Customization

Custom Car Widget

Category and Subcategory Customization


Search Magic

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Migrated the entire ecommerce website from the outdated Blueprint framework to the modern Stencil theme engine on BigCommerce while preserving existing data and product information.

Custom Theme Development: Designed and developed a bespoke Stencil theme tailored specifically to SL Shop Parts Store's brand and extensive product catalog, ensuring a visually engaging and responsive design. Customizations included unique layout structures, typography, color schemes, and branding elements to create a cohesive and memorable online presence.

Mobile Optimization: Ensured full responsiveness and usability across all mobile devices, empowering customers to effortlessly browse and make purchases on smartphones and tablets.

Advanced Search Functionality: Implemented advanced search capabilities to facilitate easy and efficient discovery of Mercedes-Benz parts, enhancing the overall user experience and increasing conversion rates.

 Integration with BigCommerce Apps: Seamlessly integrated essential BigCommerce apps and plugins to augment various functionalities of the online store, including payment processing, shipping management, and customer engagement.

 Data Migration and Testing: Successfully migrated extensive product listings, customer data, and order history from the outdated platform to the modern Stencil-based BigCommerce store. Rigorously tested the migration process to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

 SEO Optimization: Conducted a smooth migration process without compromising the website's search engine optimization (SEO)performance, preserving organic rankings and ensuring continued visibility in search results.

 Mega Menu Customization: Customized the mega menu to enhance site navigation, improve user experience, and facilitate easy access to various product categories and sections of the online store.

 Custom Car Widget: Developed a custom car widget feature to provide an interactive and user-friendly interface for browsing and selecting Mercedes-Benz parts, enhancing product presentation and customer engagement.

 Category and Subcategory Customization: Tailored the category and subcategory structure to optimize product organization, streamline navigation, and improve the overall browsing experience for customers.

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1. Design Iteration

Collaboration with our design team was integral to ensuring a smooth transition to the Stencil theme while maintaining the brand's visual identity and elevating its aesthetic appeal. Through iterative design reviews and feedback sessions, we refined the user interface, typography, color schemes, and imagery to align with the brand's ethos. This iterative process allowed us to seamlessly integrate design elements from the existing theme into the new framework, ensuring continuity in brand representation.

2. SEO Strategy

Developing a robust SEO strategy was paramount to safeguarding the store's search engine rankings during the migration process. We devised a comprehensive plan encompassing URL mapping, metadata optimization, and structured data markup. By meticulously mapping old URLs to their corresponding counterparts in the new theme and optimizing metadata such as titles, descriptions, and alt tags, we ensured minimal disruption to organic traffic and maintained the store's visibility in search engine results.

3. Data Migration Plan

To facilitate a seamless transition, we devised a meticulous data migration plan leveraging both BigCommerce's built-in tools and custom scripts. Adopting a phased approach, we systematically transferred product data, customer records, and order history from the legacy system to the new theme. Utilizing data mapping techniques and data validation protocols, we ensured data integrity and accuracy throughout the migration process. By meticulously planning and executing the data migration, we minimized downtime and disruption to business operations, ensuring continuity in sales and customer service.

4. Performance Optimization

Leveraging the advanced features of the Stencil framework, we focused on optimizing site performance to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. By implementing techniques such as lazy loading for images and content, image optimization for faster loading times, and caching mechanisms to reduce server response times, we significantly improved the overall speed and responsiveness of the website. This not only enhanced user satisfaction but also positively impacted search engine rankings, as site speed is a crucial factor in SEO algorithms.

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By embracing the Stencil theme engine on BigCommerce, SL Shop Parts Store has future-proofed its ecommerce platform, ensuring it can adapt to changing market trends and customer expectations. Notably, the website's redesign and enhanced functionality have led to an improved user experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and reduced bounce rates. The new website design and enhanced functionality have elevated the brand's online presence, making it a more competitive player in the automotive parts and accessories industry.

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