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Saski, a rapidly growing e-commerce brand specializing in premium fitness wear, faced the challenge of scaling its online presence. The existing Shopify 1.0 platform, while effective, was becoming a bottleneck for the company's ambitious expansion plans. Saski sought a comprehensive solution that would not only upgrade its Shopify version but also enhance overall performance, introduce innovative features, and provide robust support and maintenance.

Service & Technology:

Theme Customization

Shopify Version Migration

Internationalization Using Shopify Markets


Hulk Advanced Wishlist


Klarna Payments



Search & Discovery

Customer Accounts Hub


Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk

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Create different shopify stores for Australia and the U.S.A. location

We're tasked with establishing two distinct stores—one tailored for Australia and another for the USA. The Australian store will cater to two specific regions: Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, the USA store will be designed to accommodate customers from around the globe. This strategic approach ensures each store is finely tuned to the unique needs and preferences of its target audience, optimizing the shopping experience for maximum effectiveness.

Development Challenges

1. Shopify 1.0 to 2.0 Migration

2. Shopify Plus Integration

3. Maintenance and Support

4. Enhancements

5. Shopify Flows and Scripts

6. Landing Page Developments

7. Custom Shopify Email Templates

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1. Improve Layouts with landing Page Development

We started the project with a full UX audit of their current Shopify store to identify areas for growth. Saski was using a basic design for their Shopify store, making it hard for them to create a unique shopping experience for their customers.

To ensure growth and future scalability, we designed and developed a bespoke online experience on the front and back end of their Shopify store. We have created visually appealing and responsive landing pages to showcase Saski's products, promotions, and brand story.  Making it much easier for their team to manage going forward and creating an enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

2. Shopify Plus Design & Development for Fashion-based brand

The new site built in Shopify Plus has a great slick design with enhanced functionality to allow customers to find their products and get to the checkout with ease. Along with our redesign, we enhanced the wishlist to make it more inviting for customers to use to help customers discover new products and be the first to find out about discounts on their wishlists.

3. Clean User Flow for Shopify Stores

As we developed a new theme for Saski, we were able to transform the userflow on the website. Adding new navigation, custom shopping experiences, and more graphics throughout drove customers through different sections of the website, enabling new product discovery.

4. Boosting Expansion Through Continuous Maintenance and Support

We have implemented a proactive maintenance strategy to address potential issues before they impact the user experience.

Established a dedicated support team to promptly address and resolve any technical challenges, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.

5. Custom Shopify Email Templates

Designed and implemented custom email templates aligned with Saski's brand identity for order confirmations, shipping notifications, and marketing campaigns.

Utilized Shopify's email customization features to create visually appealing and effective communication.

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The Saski case study demonstrates the successful collaboration between the brand and our Shopify experts in navigating the transition to Shopify 2.0 and Shopify Plus, implementing advanced features, and enhancing overall e-commerce capabilities. The strategic use of Shopify tools and customization options has empowered Saski to not only meet but exceed its business objectives, providing a foundation for future innovation and expansion.

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