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Komuso, a forward-thinking e-commerce brand specializing in unique and aesthetically pleasing shift jewelry, sought to upgrade its online store to Shopify 2.0 with a desire to enhance user experience, increase scalability, and leverage advanced features, Komuso engaged in a comprehensive collaboration with Avid Brio team.

Service & Technology:

Shopify Version Migration

Theme Customization

UX/UI Design

Internationalization Using Shopify Markets




Referral Candy

Rebuy Personalization Engine


Tolstoy Shoppable Videos

Shipbob 3PL Fulfillment

TaxJar Integration

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Komuso wanted to update its website’s UX and establish new customer interaction strategies to increase conversions.

Project Details:

1. Shopify 1.0 to 2.0 Migration

2. Shopify-Plus Design and Development

3. Maintenance and support

4. Enhancements

5. Shopify Flows

6. Shopify Scripts

7. Shopify Checkout Extension

8. Landing page developments

9. Continues Improvement

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1. Increasing customer shopping efficiency

We designed and developed a super clean landing page that told the shift story and sold the brand to their customers.

The new site has a beautiful UX design with enhanced functionality to allow customers to find their products and get to the checkout with ease. We develop A bespoke Shopify Checkout Extension to provide Komuso with a unique and optimized checkout process. Integrated additional payment gateways to enhance customer convenience and expand global reach

2. Accelerating Growth with Ongoing Maintenance and Support

After experiencing a surge in sales, Komuso has extended its collaboration with Avid Brio to seek guidance on further optimization strategies and sustaining the momentum in sales growth. To create a truly authentic shopping experience, we utilized all of Shopify Plus's features to give their customers the best experience.

3. Shopify Flows and Scripts

Developed custom Shopify Flows to automate repetitive tasks and streamline business processes.

Implemented Shopify Scripts to tailor the shopping experience, such as dynamic pricing and personalized promotions.

4. Impact and Achievements

The transition to Shopify 2.0 and the tailored improvements made to the platform contributed to a notable 13% increase in overall sales.

The implementation of advanced SEO strategies and optimizations resulted in a remarkable 39% increase in online search visibility.

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Over the past year, our business has shown significant growth in key areas, demonstrating the success of our operational strategy and initiatives. Sales increased by 16%, reflecting effective sales tactics and product innovation. Orders increased by 20%, indicating improved customer engagement and streamlined processing. Online store sessions increased by 21%, showing increased interest and interaction on our digital platform.

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