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Emeo Swiss, a prominent ecommerce platform specializing in Swiss-made skin care products, sought to enhance its online presence and streamline its operations. The project involved migrating the entire website, consisting of an ecommerce store powered by PrestaShop and a blog hosted on WordPress, to Shopify. This case study explores how team Avid Brio successfully executed this migration to improve its digital presence and customer experience.

Service & Technology:

Shopify Development

UX/UI Design


Data Migration

Content Transition

Multilingual Migration

Search & Discovery


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The challenges encompassed complexity in managing two separate platforms, occasional performance issues, scalability concerns, and the need for consolidation. The migration process posed hurdles in transferring data seamlessly, transitioning blog content without compromising SEO rankings, and customizing Shopify themes.

Despite these challenges, the project sought to simplify operations, boost performance, and prepare for future growth in the competitive skincare market. Also, we need to integrate data into 3 languages English, French, and German.

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Design, Development, and Data Migration

Emeo Swiss partnered with a skilled e-commerce development agency with expertise in migrating from various platforms to Shopify. The project involved the following steps:

1. Data Migration

A comprehensive data migration plan was devised to move product data, customer information, and order history seamlessly to Shopify. Custom scripts were developed to ensure data integrity.

2. Content Transition

WordPress blog content was meticulously exported and imported into Shopify's blogging system. SEO best practices were followed to preserve rankings.

3. Theme Customization

The agency customized a Shopify theme to match Emeo Swiss's branding and functionality requirements. This included maintaining responsive design for mobile users.

4. Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure all website features, such as checkout processes and payment gateways, were functioning flawlessly.

5. Training

Emeo Swiss's team received training on how to manage the new Shopify platform effectively.

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The migration of Emeo Swiss from PrestaShop and WordPress to Shopify delivered remarkable results. It significantly improved the user experience, offering a faster, more user-friendly website that increased customer satisfaction. The consolidation of the platform simplified content and order management, leading to enhanced operational efficiency. By adhering to SEO best practices during the migration, Emeo Swiss maintained its search engine rankings, ensuring continued visibility in search results.

The scalability of Shopify allowed for future expansion and growth, while the streamlining of operations contributed to cost-efficiency and improved profitability, ultimately positioning Emeo Swiss for success in the competitive skin care product market.

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