7 Advantages Of An E-Commerce Store Over Traditional Retail Shops

July 6, 2022


Do you sell your products in a brick and mortar store, or online?

With more and more commerce moving online - particularly with therecent spread of the Corona Virus which may push traditional retailonline - now is the perfect time to dive into eCommerce benefits.

In short, Ecommerce businesses havemany advantages.

They require lessinvestment compared to traditional retail. And eCommerceentrepreneurs havea higher potential of expanding their business.

Studies show that e-commerce sales have grownatan impressive rate of 10% each year in the United States.If you are thinking of venturing into e-commerce, below are some ofthe ways you’ll have an advantage over traditional retail.

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#1 - Open 24/7

Withyour retail store operating on the internet, it will be a businessthat stays open round the clock, throughout the year.

Asa result, your prospect of having more orders are better becausecustomers can shop at any time, even in the late hours of the night.

Imaginegetting leads and sales while you sleep?

eCommercecan make that a reality!

#2 - Gain New Customers

Retailshops depend highly on their brand image and customer relationshipsto survive and thrive.

Whenfoot traffic is poor, so is business.

However,with your own online retail store, the traffic needed for leadconversion comes from various sources. With93% of online experiences starting with a search engine,people use search engines to find what they need. Which means you’vealways got access to traffic.

Assuch, your customer base is diverse as new and different people findand follow links to the e-commerce site.

#3 - Less Investment Needed

With e-commerce requiring less investment, youdon’t have to break the bankto get your business running.

The costs of marketing and advertising aremanageable since this can be done via social networking sites andpay-per-clickadvertising. Other overheads are also reducedwhen you take your store online.

And with much ofyour operations automated, the costs orrunning the business are less given that the number of employeesrequired is reduced.

Even better, issues of product placement andawareness are also less of a hassle because they can be showcasedonline.


#4 - Better Product Engagement

Giventhe fact that every customer is unique and has different needs, itcan be hard for retail store owners to care for the diverse needs andexpectations of their audience.

However,things are very different when it comes to e-commerce stores.

Productswill have a description that browsers will crawl through for searchpurposes. In some cases images may be interactive, helping increaseconversion rates.

TheeCommerce team behind ExtremeBrown explains “ultimately people are able tomake purchasing decisions without leaving home, which is simply notpossible for brick and mortar stores. Our online store also allows usto explain the benefits of each product in a way that a salesassistant never could in a traditional store.”

Inthe digital age, by giving people everything they need to know aboutyour products, you’ll see greater levels of engagement and sales.

#5 - Increased Market Reach

Ifyou have a physical outlet, then you can provide localized servicesand sell your products with your location.

Butwith an Ecommerce option, you’ll have zero geographicalrestrictions. You can reach out to and penetrate the market on aglobal scale if you want. Interested in targeting specific regionsaround the world? That’s on the table too!

Andif you are using a mobile-friendly website for your Ecommerce store(whichyou 100% should be) then your prospects of marketdominance are exponential.

#6 - Faster Product Search

In most retail shops, customers push a shoppingcart around as they search for what they need and thenproceed to the payment point.

In short, eCommerce stores trim the fat and let people go straightfrom browsing to buying without leaving the couch!

Customers get to browse through the availableproducts by a click of a button. HypnotherapyCanberra expert IlonaNichterlein explains that this speed canactually boost conversions. She notes“searching for what isneeded removes the friction of a potential purchase. Studiesfrom Harvard have shown up to 95% of purchasing decisions areunconscious. Features like a time-sensitive sale price or a simplenavigation can help you tap into the subconscious of your sitevisitors.”

And with the ability for some sites to notecustomer preferences, the shopping experience is enhanced for thosethat make repeat orders.

#7 - Convenience

While all these advantages of eCommerce are valuable, nothing beatsconvenience.

The convenience that comes with shopping onlinecannot be overstated when compared to the conventional way ofshopping.

You can attract more customers and increase thesales through deals, coupons and offers that are a few mouse clicksaway.

Everything is done without negotiations orother hassles. Super simple and super effective.

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